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Mirroring External Resources

If an organization blocks the servers performing dependency-check scans from downloading content on the internet they will need to mirror two data sources: The NVD JSON data feeds and the Retire JS repository.

Mirroring the NVD from NIST

Several organizations have opted to mirror the NVD on an internal server and have the dependency-check clients simply pull the updates from the mirror. This setup is fairly simple:

  1. Setup a nightly job to pull down the latest NVD files files from NIST
    • Note, both the *.json.gz and *.meta files for the JSON data feeds must be downloaded/mirrored from the NVD.
    • See the Nist-Data-Mirror project on github.
  2. Configure the dependency-check clients to use the internal CVE urls. Note, both URLs must be specified (see the configuration for the specific dependency-check client used):
    • cveUrlModified
    • cveUrlBase

Mirroring Retire JS Repository

The Retire JS Respository is located at:

The Retire JS repository can be configured using the retireJsUrl configuration option. See the configuration for the specific dependency-check client used for more information.