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The dependency-check-purge task deletes the local copy of the NVD. This task should rarely be used, if ever. This is included as a convenience method in the rare circumstance that the local H2 database becomes corrupt.

<target name="dependency-check-purge" description="Dependency-Check purge">
    <dependency-check-purge />

Configuration: dependency-check-purge Task

The following properties can be set on the dependency-check-purge task.

Property Description Default Value
dataDirectory Data directory that is used to store the local copy of the NVD data
failOnError Whether the build should fail if there is an error executing the purge true

Advanced Configuration

The following properties can be configured in the plugin. However, they are less frequently changed.

Property Description Default Value
hostedSuppressionsUrl The URL to a mirrored copy of the hosted suppressions file for internet-constrained environments